3 Steps to Finding Your Purpose, Following a Spiritual Means

IIf someone gave you everything you ever wanted, would you be ready for it today?

That’s a common question spiritual medium Erika Gabriel asks her clients, and despite the fact that they’re all eagerly looking for something—whether it’s true love, career more fulfilling or meaningful and purposeful life—the answer is almost always no.

Gabriel says: “Someone says they want to meet their soul mate, but if the perfect person shows up tomorrow, they won’t be ready. “They don’t feel good about themselves, they don’t know how to recognize the person and they don’t believe they deserve it. Same with a dream job. They’ll say, ‘Oh, I’ve got a lot of work to do to get ready for that.’”

Why do so many people immediately want change but are not prepared (and sometimes unwilling) to accept it? “You have to be able to meet yourself where you want to go, and a lot of people aren’t ready to do that,” says Gabriel. “There are obstacles in their way and they don’t know what they are, what to call them or how to overcome them. So they’re basically stuck.”

Over the course of her career as a spiritualist, Gabriel—who recently launched The Way, an online course that outlines each of these lessons with accompanying video tutorials—has found ways to help clients goods to a clearer purpose. But she also discovered that there are three essential lessons or steps you can’t skip along the way. Each is a spiritual practice based on specific solutions.

“The point is… change the vibrations in your life so that you have more purpose and meaning.” —Erika Gabriel, spiritual vehicle

“The idea of ​​these lessons is that spiritual concepts bring awareness to your mind, body, and spirit of the things that are holding you back, and then there are practical tools you have at your disposal. can be used to overcome these obstacles.”

The order in which you solve the three steps to help you figure out your purpose doesn’t matter, and the goal isn’t to solve your life as if it were a puzzle with answers. It doesn’t matter whether your life is perfect or everything looks crystal clear the next day, she says. “The point is… change the vibrations in your life so that you have more purpose and meaning.” Below, Gabriel outlines three steps to finding your purpose and how to apply them to your life.

3 steps to help you find your purpose, following a spiritual medium

1. Plug in the positive power supply

“There is a wonderful, vibrating energy, and it connects us all and runs through us all, and that is positive, universal energy,” says Gabriel. We can use it any way we want.”

Imagine an electric wall in your house and a lamp. There is always electricity, but when you plug the light into the wall, it comes on. You can use that energy whenever and in any way you want. The problem, however, is the tendency to plug in the negative input. Gabriel points to three sources of negative energy that often make people feel stuck:

  1. Fear: “This is where anxiety comes in, when you’re emotionally rehearsing things you don’t want to happen, or when you’re living in the past or the future and your present body starts to react,” says Gabriel. response. It can be as simple as planning a trip to the grocery store after work, and then telling yourself that at that time it will be very crowded, you will definitely be late, you will have to rush to make dinner. , and the family evening will be ruined.
  2. Victims: “This is when you believe you are where you are because of someone else,” such as a boss, parent, or partner, says Gabriel. “A common example I’ve seen is, ‘My ex was mean to me and showed me I wasn’t lovable,’ and they kept that, and now they really want love but they thought, ‘Well, I can’t be in love,’ she said.
  3. Trauma response: This describes “when you have something traumatic happening in your life and you are constantly on the defensive, waiting for the other shoe to fall,” says Gabriel. “It’s the belief that ‘I’m safer here’ or ‘I don’t ‘don’t want to move on with my life because something terrible is about to happen.'”

Although bad things still happen, you can still try to recognize when those negative energies may be controlling you. “Once you can acknowledge them, you will realize they are just another form of energy. If you want to connect with doom and gloom, it’s there. But hopefully you’ll start to gain the strength to pull the plug out of that stuff and plug in something more active.”

When you feel like you’re being drawn into one of those negative energies, “find a way to lower yourself in your body,” advises Gabriel. “Go back to the present moment, do whatever helps you get there.”

2. Create a Divine Vision

“When we feel bad…we can create an image that makes us raise our energy and vibration even a little,” says Gabriel. sense of position and ultimately a higher vision.

As for energies, the barriers that can hinder the creation of these visions are time, money, and guilt. We ran into a series of hurdles. To approach the vision of a better-feeling place, Gabriel suggests following one of two paths:

  1. Visualize a happy memory: “It could be a walk on the beach,” says Gabriel. “You just need to close your eyes, move through the lower vibration sensation you are having and create this incredible image. You feel the sand and hear the breeze. You say to yourself, ‘Yes, I miss her there. She feels great!’”
  2. Visualize your original intent: “What did you fantasize about before this world—deals or guilt—takes you away?” Gabriel said. “Let’s say you love being with animals, but for whatever reason, you don’t. Just sit down and feel what it feels like to be with the animals.”

Over time, these visualizations and intentions can become a higher vision.

“Let’s say you’re an accountant, but you want to work with animals. A multitude of reasons—such as not having the time or money for veterinary school—have kept you from doing so. You feel stuck in life and looking for your purpose and you realize you want to work with animals,” says Gabriel. “Where you feel better without worrying about monetizing animals things, but just Present with animals. It just feels good. From there, you can start creating a vision. You can continue your accounting work, but you can also start volunteering at a shelter, and then you can run the volunteer group.”

Gabriel asserts that this larger vision doesn’t have to be a huge career change: “You know what kills joy, creativity, and freedom? Can’t pay the rent,” she said. “Don’t blow your life away. All you need to learn in this lesson is how to keep your body safe and grounded, how to get to a place that feels better, and how to start preparing for it. what you want.”

3. Light a match

“The meaning behind this lesson is both ‘coupling’ with what we’re visualizing and lighting up the proverbial relationship underneath us,” says Gabriel. “Only by lighting this fire can we harness the momentum to move forward fearlessly every day.” To do this, Gabriel assigns his clients to write a long list of practical tasks needed to align with their vision, then tackles something from that list each day.

The goal of this final lesson is that the answer to Gabriel’s original question—if you were offered something you’ve always wanted, would you be willing to accept it?—is Correct. “Being ready and ready for what we want means we have to be prepared,” she said.


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