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Our green coating is our lungs in effect. By creating holes in it in the name of progress, we are slowly killing ourselves. The Northeast is where this mantle is thickest. It is home to vast primeval forests that remain undisturbed. But here too, unplanned development is taking place in the name of progress. This is one of the concerns of the layered film that combines folklore and common sense to create a case for environmental conservation. It is also about the alienation of the Northeast. It turns out that people from the rest of India are generally still ignorant of the region and practice racial prejudice against their own citizens just because they have mongoloid features and not can speak Hindi fluently. It’s time to make more efforts to integrate them into mainstream Indian ways of life, before they are completely cut off. There is a legend about the god Yapum in the Northeast, especially in Arunachal Pradesh, who is said to be the guardian of the forests. That is the folk tale that Amar Kaushik mentioned. When man crosses his limits in encroaching on forest land, nature will take matters into his own hands and send a vigilante who is not afraid to kill if necessary, to correct the wrongs.

Bhaskar (Varun Dhawan), is an unscrupulous small contractor living in Delhi who has received the biggest contract of his life – the contract to build a road inside the Ziro jungle in Arunachal Pradesh. He knew that the project would wreak havoc on the environment and would upset the balance of nature. In addition, it will not bring much benefit to the people in the area. However, he uses every possible means to reach an agreement and take over the lands of the tribes. He is helped by his cousin Janardan (Abhishek Banerjee), friend Jomin (Paalin Kabak) and subcontractor Panda (Deepak Dobriyal) in this endeavor. He is bitten by a bhediya (wolf) while stuck in the forest and is given first aid by veterinarian Anika (Kriti Sanon). Unfortunately for him, he was bitten by a supernatural wolf and started turning into a wolf. Even as Bhaskar is struggling to control his new-found superpower, those involved in the controversial project begin to be killed one after another due to animal attacks, making him think he is himself. who is doing murders while in wolf form.

But this isn’t just a bloody werewolf guard movie. In fact, the horror elements are reduced to a minimum. What it does have is a pile of jokes, both verbal and physical, sure to make you laugh. Film takes pictures of everything. There are numerous references to everyone from Himesh Reshamiyya, Shehnaz Gill, Mithun Chakraborty, to Gulzar’s song Chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai, which he wrote for the Book of the Forest series. The lines, written by Niren Bhatt, are the real hero of the film. Wisecracks follow each other quickly from the first frame to the last and make you smile.

Abhishek Banerjee is arguably the best line in the movie, which he delivers with cryptic humour. He’s clearly the standout performance in the movie. Varun Dhawan has done films like Badlapur and October in the past, where the story, not him, played a leading role. He integrates very well into the project, tracking his growth from a selfish businessman to a caring environmentalist. He knew the focus would be on the creature effects and went all out for the role, acting very much like a man caught in an unusual situation he didn’t like. His redemption takes time, giving way to more comedy. Things only get serious towards the end, when the director really gets into the pipeline. Deepak Dobriyal and Northeastern actor Paalin Kabak can also assist. Kriti Sanon also has an important and mysterious role, although we don’t expect her to appear in the film.

The movie’s creature effects and computer-generated visuals are excellent. Cinematography and background scores are also good. The movie is a bit long and could have been better with a sharp 140 minutes. It makes you laugh all the way through and has an important message to convey. If nothing else, it will surely make you want to explore the pristine beauty of the Northeast…

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Dhaval Roy, November 25, 2022, 5:51 am IST

Critics’ rating:


Bhediya story: A road construction contractor, Bhaskar, arrives in Arunachal Pradesh to build a highway through the dense jungle of Ziro. Besides the opposition of the tribes, his companions, cousin JD, friend Jomin and he, have an even bigger challenge. A series of unexpected deaths occurred shortly after Bhaskar was bitten by a wild animal. Was it someone’s fantasy, or a werewolf folktale that came true?

Review of Bhediya: Horror and comedy are, by themselves, difficult genres to succeed in. Unless one masters storytelling and cinematic handling, a film in both genres can fail. And this is where Bhediya appears the trump card. Director Amar Kaushik, who directed the horror comedy city by the same banner, which deftly handles both genres in his most recent appearance and strikes a fine balance to deliver a film that sends chills down viewers’ spines in some cases. , most of which are creepy and leave you with something to think about. The mythology surrounding werewolves has always been a great source of meat for filmmakers for their stories, and here Amar Kaushik delves into the deep pockets of Arunachal Pradesh to tell a mysterious story.
First and foremost, the most remarkable part of the film is its visual impact. While cinematographer Jishnu Bhattacharjee created the dark and mysterious world of werewolves against the backdrop of a full moon in the midnight sky, the forest of Ziro and the magnificent mountains, the vfx is brilliant. Monsters and creatures in movies can often become fake rather than spooky due to poor quality makeup and effects. But not in Bhediya. The transformation of the main character from human to werewolf is convincing and scary. The movie has a lot of scary scenes and the background score just makes things more scary.

Best Varun as the transforming wolf. His actions (a big part of which is his physical transformation with toned muscles and a perfectly sculpted body) will hopefully change the gears of his career. He’s devoted himself to this part, and it shows. Whether it’s the dramatic and energetic scene when he first transforms into a bhediya, to the hilarious scene where he tries to get under werewolf skin in the second half — he’s brilliant. Abhishek Banerjee as Janardan, aka JD, is on the right track and doesn’t miss a beat with his comedic timing. Even in the tense scenes, his humor still has a point, adding a certain lightness throughout the story that mainly takes place in the darkness of this night. He also has the funniest lines in the movie. Paalin Kabak as Jomin, Bhaskar’s Northeastern friend, completes the bhediya pack and has outstanding chemistry with both actors, especially Abhishek. Deepak Dobriyal, as Panda, also delivers a remarkable performance. Kriti Sanon’s veterinarian character, Doctor Anika, could have been made more prominent. But she adds a bit of herself to drama and comedy.

The story, very cleverly, includes the mention of several films that continue to linger in the public’s memory for a variety of reasons, including Jaani DushmanRahul Roy-the main character June’90s cartoon show Green Forest Book and its title track’Chaddi pehenke phool khila hai,’ will make you gasp, and even ‘by Shehnaz Gill’Toh main kya karu, marr jaun?‘ There are some such big surprises as well, but let’s not put them all here at once. Thanks to writer Niren Bhatt for that.

The first half of the movie is extremely engaging. It perfectly sets the tone for what’s to come soon, and also feels catchy. However, the second half seemed to be stretched and lost momentum in some parts. It could do with a tighter edit. While all the songs are catchy and easy to listen to, dropping a song or two will tighten the story. Also, sometimes it seems like the movie is trying to achieve a little bit of something. Although it focuses on conservation and human-animal conflict, a topic that should be covered a lot, at the same time, it also touches lightly on the prejudices of the people of the Northeast and how they have to constantly live with the label of ‘outsiders’.

On another level, the film reminds us of our animal instincts and how there can be a bhediya in all of us. But how we want to release it, for better or for worse, is up to us. Beauty and the beast are both within us, we just have to look deep within. The film leaves you with an experience and a thought, perhaps even deeper than the forests of Ziro. So pose and watch this one. For a good time howling, this movie is worth your while in theaters. There is also a nice surprise at the end. Movies released in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu are best viewed in 3D.


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