Cryptocurrency Industry Needs a Crypto Capital Market Structure According to Cointelegraph

The crypto industry needs a crypto capital market structure

The past few weeks have been interesting and have brought to the fore what we in the financial services industry call issues of concern, or MRAs. The MRA describes a practice that differs from sound governance, internal control and risk management principles. These issues that require attention have the potential to adversely affect the industry and increase the risk exposure.

I’ve always focused on innovation-led technology and business models – systems and interconnected elements of a blockchain-based business network – redefining transactional systems that power for many industries, including financial services. An increasing number of dissidents have spoken out about recent events, which have revealed poor management, poorly defined and misattributed systems, and general misrepresentation of branch. Therefore, I wanted to take a systematic look at the industry to understand what led to this view, analyze failures and make decisions about how we can learn from failures and build upon them. on successes.

Nitin Gaur recently joined The road for government (NYSE 🙂 Digital as CEO, where he leads technology and digital asset design, with the desire to transform part of the company’s customer and financial market infrastructure to the new digital economy. In his previous role, Nitin, served as the founder and director of IBM (NYSE:Digital Asset Lab – committed to industry standards, use cases and work towards making blockchain for business a reality. At the same time, Nitin also served as the chief technology officer of IBM World Wire – a cross-border payment solution using digital assets. Nitin also founded the IBM Blockchain Lab and led the effort in establishing enterprise blockchain practices.