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It is said that tragedy + time = comedy, but in gaming, real tragedy is the amount of time we have to wait between quality comedy games. Thankfully, in the opening moments of High on Life, when my talking gun disdainfully whispers to me I’m doing a good job shooting the dancing aliens in the face, I get the feeling I won gold. While it has bugs and performance hiccups and occasionally frolics in unimpressive toilet humor, it largely succeeds in being the kind of silly space satire I’ve always wanted. would like. Whether I’m conversing with my shotgun about the value of science and formula, enveloping myself in alien excrement to sneak into a secure facility, or watching a full-blown live-action movie. confusingly enough from the 90s on nearby television, High on Life is a game that just knows how to have a good time and really doesn’t have enough of that.

This inappropriately fun first-person shooter puts the humorous premise and characters front and center and completely refuses to take themselves seriously. After Earth is taken over by disgusting aliens who kidnap humans to smoke as hallucinogens, you embark on a ludicrous space adventure to avenge the alien drug gang. Earth is responsible. All the while, you’re accompanied by the stars of the show: the extremely rudimentary weapons themselves, which not only serve as your tools of destruction but also the most important characters of the story. story. These cartoon weapons (called the Gatlians) are easily the best part of the adventure and include Kenny, the easily flustered pistol that Justin Roiland basically does as usual. Rick & Morty stuff, Sweezy, the stinky sniper rifle seemingly related to Halo’s Needler, Creature, the shooter using his rapidly pregnant babies as ammo, and my personal favorite: Gus, the shotgun amazingly healthy voiced by Curb your enthusiasm JB Smoove. While it took some people a while to get my love, spending the entire 16-hour journey with these guys right in the face has become a great excuse for many. Interesting dialogue and character development. By the time the credits were rolling out, I really didn’t want to have to put my new besties back in their holsters.

That’s largely due to High on Life’s solid writing, piled up with silly jokes, cursed slurs, and lots of TV screens broadcasting stupid shows that look like they’re supposed to. may have been taken straight from one of the Rick & Morty Cable Interstellar episodes. One level features a deliberately offensive alien that follows you around and rambles, seemingly without end, until you finally unlock the ability to kill him. Another way to make you go to Space Applebee’s and eat a full meal for no apparent reason. You can also find a cinema showing the real-life movie from 1990, Demon Wind, complete with Mystery Science Theater 3000-like commenting through some aliens nearby, which you should believe I watched the whole thing. The campaign only lasts about eight hours if you have the will and focus to ignore all these fun distractions and get through, so naturally my first playthrough took me over 16 now, especially since I played so much in it. The whole thing just contains so much silliness and it’s fun to take the time to explore the planet; I never know when I might run into something crazy, like when I teleport a stretch of highway to a jungle planet and witness people sitting in cars. The car that was carrying it slowly turned into a bunch of aliens with road rage into a lunatic. the cult has sacrificed its own to appease the asphalt gods.

It’s impressive that such a ridiculous FPS has so many hearts too.

A lot of the jokes in High on Life are either condescending or fallacious, or pearly irreverent, and like most comedies, it won’t suit everyone. But as a fan of classic comedy games like border zone 2 and South Park: Stick of Truth, it definitely worked for me. There are moments where all the cursing and shocking humor feels lazy or a bit too much – and that comes from someone who has an extremely high tolerance for that – but more often than not it’s not. silly and vulgar dialogues. It’s hard not to chuckle when grumbling enemies stop in the middle of battle to disrespect you, you know? What’s impressive, though, is that in a shooter that’s so ridiculous and purposefully messy with its setting, High on Life’s story ends with a lot of heart. I really enjoyed my close relationship with Gene, a bounty hunter turned couch vandal, and I felt really motivated to take down the alien drug gang – despite the fact that the mainly to pay back my Gatlian friends, not to save humanity.

In perfect harmony with the completely chaotic atmosphere of High on Life, swinging your gun at your companion in gunfights is overwhelming and sometimes a bit messy. Weapons are somewhat imprecise and enemies fly across the battlefield shooting at you, and in the first hours I worried that there wouldn’t be much more to fight than using the Kenny pea shooter to wipe out Ants don’t have brains. It doesn’t help, that even on the hardest difficulty, High on Life is almost always easy to get through – you have plenty of chance to restore your health and shield, and bullets come flying almost all the time. always slow enough to be easily avoidable. Luckily, once you get some new stuff like jet sets or other cool combat options (like Creature’s powers for mind control of enemies on the battlefield or Gus’ ability to sucks the smaller bad guys right in front of him and then blows them to pieces) things get a lot more interesting.

However, there is still a lot to talk about, such as how weak enemy diversity is, or how hostile aliens sometimes get stuck in the environment, or extremely difficult decisions. understand when making the down button on the d-pad the default button for the crouch button. (you can re-link this in the Ease of Access section of the Xbox settings menu). These certainly don’t offer the smoothest combat experience, and the fun that comes from finding creative ways to eliminate each area of ​​the bad guys. Such as how you can use Kenny’s universal fire to knock enemies up in the air then juggle them with ammo until they explode, or how you can kill hidden enemies ( or trapped in the environment) using Sweezy’s piercing shots. It’s certainly more chaotic and less refined than your ideal shooter, but it’s a pretty good sandbox for doing stupid and fun murders, and that’s a great fit for the performance. amount of High on Life.

This is a pretty good sandbox for doing interesting kills.

When your guns don’t shoot at everything, they make reliable allies to get through each level using alternate firing modes – horribly named “trick hole” – gives them functionality beyond just killing things. Kenny can knock off obstacles with his Glob Shot, Gus can create platforms by shooting his spinning blades at walls, Sweezy can shoot bubbles that slow time in a certain area, etc. marvel at how much fun it is to run around looking for collectibles and hidden loot boxes. In Metroidvania style, as you unlock weapons and abilities, you’ll gain access to new areas and secrets in locations you’ve visited, which makes going back one use. valuable time. Collecting alien Pesos by exploring is also quite rewarding, as you can use the aforementioned space currency to buy upgrades for your weapons and bounty gear, yielding unique rewards. Useful perks like an upgraded version of Gus’s ability to suck enemies that allows him to rip their armor and give it to you.

High on Life also features some crazy and memorable boss battles, which serve as a frenzied culmination in each level and leave you facing an alien criminal in one convincing way or another. . Not only are these battles the only parts where I feel legitimately challenged while fighting, but the bosses you fight and the crazy things they make you do are almost always great punch for whatever the whole bad guy deal is. In fact, so much so that I actually feel a bit sad to have to brutally slaughter them. During a boss fight, the bad guy punished me in a way that made me pause for a moment and allowed myself to laugh at the humor of the meta – it was the worst kind of attack I never expected. .

When you first get started, High on Life gives you another bit of super humour: the disclaimer warns that “Any hiccups or errors you may encounter are sarcastic sarcasm. intentionally related to other games with glitches and bugs.” That joke didn’t make me laugh as much as I did when I played it, because it’s really prone to bugs and performance issues that, although rarely so bad as to interrupt a good time, are a great joke. frequent discomfort. At the time of this writing, a performance patch has been rolled out that seems to have fixed the worst of the issues, but in times of extreme stress like some of the more complex boss battles, I still see some minor framerate drops going on on an Xbox Series X. As for bugs, they’re usually minor annoyances like the time when I was locked out by a character so I couldn’t talk to him in advance. until I reload my save or when some enemies continue to stand around like invisible creatures after I kill them.


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