How Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn Affects Your Sign

IIf the new year is all about new beginnings and moving forward, Mercury retrograde is… the opposite. Astrological transits—occurring when the planet appears to be turning retrograde—means a cosmic slowdown, creating communication and movement disruptions that often hinder smooth progress. So it doesn’t seem ideal for the two to coincide, as Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn from December 29 to January 18, 2023 (at the end of the holiday season’s peak travel season) . But according to astrologer Maria Sofia Marmanides, author of Oracle Card Magazinecelestial reminders to stay in tune may be just what we need right now to enter the new year with more sustainable, values-based goals.

In general, Mercury retrograde is a time when astrologers advise against starting anything new, whether it’s a project, relationship, or any other kind of commitment. Instead, they suggest reviewing, re-evaluating, and reflecting on past projects or goals — which actually coincides with the direction of our thinking at the end of the calendar year, says Marmanides. This particular Mercury retrograde, she adds, is in Capricorn, a sign that says it all about “responsibility, initiative, ambition and success.” All review and re-evaluation will cater to those themes during this transit.

“[During this retrograde], we will carefully consider (and reconsider) where we want to be and what we want to do for our careers and jobs.” —Maria Sofia Marmanides, astrologer

That means we may find ourselves thinking long and hard about our 2023 goals and—if you believe them—New Year resolutions. “As Mercury retrograde in Capricorn begins, we will carefully consider (and reconsider) where we want to be, what we want to do with our careers and jobs, and how much we want to be. our commitment and satisfaction with where we think we are. is at the top,” said Marmanides.

If you go all-in on new commitments or try to revamp your entire lifestyle in one go, she warns, you could end up disappointed. (After all, Mercury retrograde means slowing down, not making rapid progress.) Instead, the universe is essentially pushing us to take our time to align our goals with the right goals. your values ​​and draw up a workable plan to achieve them. “Consider what habits you can start, what limiting beliefs you can give up, and what positive affirmations you can incorporate as you navigate phase Five,” says Marmanides. This new. “This is a great time to self-assess and take charge of our future and the way forward.”

Exactly how you will experience this cosmic pause button will depend on which astrological house the transit falls in your sign. Below, Marmanides specifically breaks down how Mercury retrograde in Capricorn affects each sign, so you can prepare accordingly.

Here’s how Mercury retrograde in Capricorn will affect each zodiac sign, according to one astrologer


Double-check that email before you hit “send,” Aries. Mercury retrograde in Capricorn touches the 10th house of your career and reputation, potentially messing things up at work. “If you’re hoping to get back to work gently after the holidays, you might have some unexpected surprises coming your way,” says Marmanides. Given that Mercury rules communication, “these risks can come in the form of minor communication frustrations, such as ‘following my last email’ comments or masquerading as mailing to your boss via email for friends,” she says. You have been warned.


Do you have travel plans in the new year, Taurus? You should be wary of making mistakes when it comes to packing and organizing your itinerary. With this transit hitting your ninth house of adventure and discovery, says Marmanides, things can get tricky on the travel front. (There may be delays, lengthy security queues, traffic, or other troubles while traveling.) If you’re not traveling, you may still find that things are out of your control or zone. Your security—also reflected by the ninth house—seems to challenge you. Your best bet is to be open to new ideas or differing opinions, says Marmanides.


Others may be the source of your Mercury retrograde turmoil, Gemini. This transit falls into your eighth house of shared resources, investments and intimacy, and has the potential to wreak havoc on your boundaries, says Marmanides. “People in your life can change their mind about commitments or plans or create some instability in your structure or routine,” she says. “It’s up to you to know what your needs are and to be willing to communicate what you will or won’t accept from others.” If you feel that you need to restate or reposition your boundaries, chances are you will.


The intertwined strings with a romantic partner or friend can be dangerous for you, Cancer. Mercury’s upcoming retrograde turns into the seventh house of your direct partnership, potentially hindering your ability to look someone straight in the eye. In the same area, it’s also possible that conversations or arguments from the past will resurface, says Marmanides, or old flames re-emerge in your life. While you’re discussing (possibly arguing) about your similarities or differences with others, it’s important to understand where your feelings lie, she adds: “You What patterns or behaviors do you want to commit to and what do you want to give up?”


Someone or something can mess up your daily routine, Leo. Perhaps you forgot to add an important meeting to your calendar, or unexpected traffic caused you to miss your flight. Either way, Mercury retrograde in Capricorn touches the sixth house of your rituals, making it difficult to maintain your normal schedule, says Marmanides. It could also mean that the habits you used to follow to maintain your daily health have been forgotten—or no longer work as well as they once did. “In terms of long-term planning for 2023, you might be thinking about improving your wellness routine and being open to trying new exercises or self-care practices or changing,” she says. your pace for these activities.


Your side job or creative pursuits may hit a roadblock, Virgo. This transit touches on the fifth house of creativity, play and pleasure, which for you could refer to a project you are particularly passionate about. Marmanides says: “You may receive some criticism or criticism about this work. (And you tend to prefer giving rather than receiving feedback, she adds.) “Your reminder is not to get so caught up in what isn’t working that you decide to give up on the project altogether, ” she speaks. “Instead, use this time to refine and edit in preparation for whatever you’re working on for future launches.”


Home is where the retrograde is for you, Libra. With Mercury in Capricorn highlighting the fourth house of home, family and ancestral roots, you may find yourself facing literal or metaphorical cracks in your foundation— such as appliances or household appliances that are not working properly or ghosts reappearing from your house. the past, says Marmanides. In either case, “it’s best to exercise your signature patience,” she says, “and take this time to honor your past in whatever way feels right to you. suitable or even helpful to you.”


Messages with lost translations can be a common theme during any Mercury retrograde — but you’ll feel it most directly, Scorpio. Your third house of information is where Mercury resides during this transit, creating the possibility of misunderstandings—”such as taking a screenshot of a message from a potential date to discuss with a friend, and then accidentally send it back to that person,” Marmanides said. As a result, she advises caution with any message you send or what you post on social media, “as it could be misunderstood or leave a more public mark than you might choose, ” she speaks.


If you’ve made a few extravagant purchases over the holidays, you might want to budget for the new year, Sagittarius. This transit falls into the second house of your personal resources and values, placing your wallet in the hot chair in the universe. Remember that things are not always clear during Mercury retrograde, and what you think sounds like a bargain during this transit may not necessarily be worth it in the long run, Marmanides speak. In particular, avoid splurging on anything related to contracts or monthly membership fees, “because this transit is a time to rethink financial commitments, not enter into new ones.” “, she said.


With Mercury retrograde in your sign, you can feel this vibration on a deeply personal level, Capricorn. (Yes, it’s not good birthday gift.) Maybe you feel the need to make some big changes to your identity or the way you approach the world, especially when the sun is also in your sign. But Marmanides suggests just entertaining the possibilities, rather than committing during Mercury retrograde. “Just pay attention to where your mind is,” she says, and jot down lots of notes about what you want your 2023 to look like, so you can commit to that vision once you have it. Mercury stations steer back.


This period can cause some inner turmoil for you, Aquarius, as Mercury retrograde in Capricorn falls into your 12th house of the unconscious and spiritual. Perhaps you can finally work through the feelings or emotions you’ve been repressing under the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, says Marmanides. “These could point to some underlying pattern or dynamic that needs to be addressed or integrated,” she says. Therefore, this is a great time to “explore healing modalities that can help energetically wipe away the past,” she says, “and let go of any urges for the past. silent and alone.”


Your version of “text from an ex” could come from a former co-worker, boss, friend, or former mentor. That’s because this transit touches your 11th house of community and social network, disturbing these relationships. “You may have a chance to make peace with someone with whom you have been at odds,” says Marmanides. But just be sure to write down a clear plan of how you’re going to do it before you open your mouth, she says. (Remember, this is Mercury retrograde, and communication during these transits can be difficult in general.) However, if you take the time to prepare, you can ease the tension. old.

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