How to increase stamina without temple in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The two resources in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that make you feel as if they’re always running low are rupees and, more importantly, stamina – the annoying green circle that lets you run , climbing, swimming, taming horses, and paragliding. To get more green stamina rings in TotK, players must complete four temples and exchange their earned Blessing Lights for stamina upgrades. If you don’t want to complete a lot of shrines in TotK or want to save them for later, there are several ways to increase your stamina through other means.

Use Elixirs and food to increase stamina

The easiest way to restore and temporarily increase stamina is through elixir and recipes. While none of these are permanent, they can be useful for extended exploration and taking on other physically heavy challenges, such as taming giant horses.

To get the best out of these, make sure to have plenty in your inventory before embarking on your next adventure. Elixir and meals can be made tastier using more ingredients, though you’ll sometimes get a random boost. This increase is almost guaranteed if you do something about it during or in the moments after the Blood Moon.

Then while you’re out, just open the menu and use the elixir or meal of your choice to restore your stamina – you can eat a meal in between climbing or during any activity to recharge his endurance meter. It can be a bit cumbersome to have to constantly open the menu for more stamina, but it’s a decent stop until you have the time or the hobby to complete more shrines.

There are two types of stamina potions in TotK: Vitality Enhancer and Enduring Elixir. The Tonic refills your stamina bar but won’t expand it to the yellow “stamina boost” area. It would be helpful to have a few of these on hand if you want to do a lot of gliding and climbing or need to tame powerful horses.

Invigorating Elixir Formula:

Crickets can be found restlessly in tall grass (chop it with a sword and be ready to crush A to grab them!) and periodically under rocks. The energetic Rhino beetle is found in trees on Great Sky Island and around West Necluda. Learn more about both on their manual pages.

The elixir of life harder to craft, but better to have as it actually stretches your stamina bar beyond what you’ve unlocked.

Long-lasting Elixir Formula:

  • Frogs are not tired Found in cave streams and rivers around Hyrule, especially the Zora River and around Hyrule Field.
  • Any monster part

See how to make all the elixir with our tutorial.

Meals made with certain ingredients can also restore stamina, but they will also restore the heart. It’s best to save these for a fight or somewhere you’re taking damage, otherwise you’re wasting half of your resources. Either way, however, the waste of heart regeneration is well worth it if you’re in a place where stamina is essential!

Note that these ingredients must be cooked to activate their regenerative properties. Otherwise you will only get hearts.

Fitness recovery ingredients:

  • striped bass – Found in lakes and rivers in Hyrule Field and West Necluda.
  • shrubs – These can be found near Fort Hateno and in Upland Zorana.
  • Stambulb – One of the new grasses in the game, Stambulb can be found on islands in the sky above Hyrule.

Stamina Extender Ingredients:

  • Endura’s shrine room – You will find these rare mushrooms in the North Tabantha Sky Islands and the North Necluda Sky Islands.
  • Endura Carrots – These can reliably be found beneath the cherry blossom trees with the temple and on the plateau east of the Horse God Bridge in Faron.

Movement speed buff ingredients:

While these won’t restore your stamina, they will make the most of your stamina as you move faster.

  • Rushroom – You can find these around Great Sky Island.
  • Swift Carrot – These can be purchased from a variety of merchants, but they are easiest to obtain at Hateno Village’s East Wind General Store.
  • Swift Violet – These can be found on cliffs, but are also easily available at The Coral Reef in Zora’s Domain.
  • Ship-Lotus Seed – Find these on Linebeck Island and near the Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower.

If you want to learn how to use these ingredients beyond basic fried greens, mushroom skewers, and other simple combinations, check out Kingdom’s Tears Recipe Guide.

useful armor

There is no armor that improves your stamina that we know of, but you can use armor to permanently increase speed and reduce the amount of stamina used for some activities.

  • Mountain climbing kit – The Climber’s set improves climbing speed, but even better, reduces the health consumption of climbing after the set has been upgraded to level 2!
  • set of zora – Improve your swimming speed!
  • Fierce god armor – You’ll need to do some farming to upgrade it, but if you do, you’ll get a stamina bonus for attacking.
  • Dark Armor – Improved movement speed at night.
  • Snow boots – Improved movement speed in deep snow.
  • sand boots – Improved movement speed on sand.
  • opal stone earrings – Improved swimming speed.
  • Vah Ruta Divine Helm – Improves swimming speed.
  • Ravio Hood – Increases horizontal climbing speed.

You can make all these armor more effective or at least provide better protection by upgrading them later Find and unlock amazing fairy fountains.

A few quick and easy temples

And, of course and already mentioned, you’ll eventually want to do as many shrines as possible to permanently increase that stamina bar! Here are eight easy shrines (most of which have Rauru’s blessing) throughout Hyrule to hopefully give you at least two more stamina boosts.

Be sure to drop any easy shrines you’ve completed in the comments below to help others pick up ones that can be done quickly.

However, there is much more to enhance, improve and find in Tears of the Kingdom, and you can learn more about all of that quickly with our guide written by Zelda experts. . Here are some recommended guides to watch next that can help prepare you for your next adventure in Hyrule.

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