New Foria ‘Booty Melts’ Increased pleasure in Anal

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Although I’m technically a sex and relationships journalist, at parties I tell people that my job is to write about the anus. A great icebreaker, my statement not only freed me from exhausting references to Carrie Bradshaw; it also aligns with the poignant conversations about anal play that have entered the lexicon of pop culture, the damaging reality of deep-rooted sexual stigma, and the burgeoning market for peach pleasure products. fast. Its latest addition? An anal sex suppository from sexual wellness brand Foria: Booty Melts with Hemp ($34).

In general, an rectal suppository is a suppository-sized solid designed to melt into a liquid after you insert it into the anal canal, where it is warmed by the body. While you may be familiar with laxatives to treat chronic constipation or moisturizers to treat anal fissures, sex Suppositories like Booty Melts are made with ingredients that support penetration comfort—it’s never painful (more on that below). And the insertion process allows those ingredients to reach deeper internal tissues that you would otherwise be able to reach with just lubricant or stimulant oil.

As the author of numerous anal articles and a proud advocate of enjoyable anal sex, I just got my hands on (eh, hiney) Foria’s Booty Melts as soon as I heard about them. And now that I have, I think that all body (pronounced: asshole) people who engage in any form of anal sex should give their parasites pleasure. fun of anal sex suppositories.

Below, learn more about the purpose of anal sex suppositories like Foria’s new Booty Melts and my experience trying the meltdown myself.

Things to know about Foria Booty Melts for anal sex

Foria’s Booty Melts is an anal sex suppository made from cocoa butter infused with two additional ingredients: hemp oil and jojoba oil. Cocoa butter has a low melting point, which means it will melt inside your anal canal quickly, allowing it to deliver the benefits of both active ingredients quickly.

Hemp is the main medicinal ingredient, as it contains 150 mg of cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabigerol (CBG), both of which are non-psychoactive hemp compounds. “CBG and CBG are there to help relax the anal sphincter and promote easy penetration — these are two of the key ingredients of sexual pleasure,” says Kiana Reeves, content director at Foria. “.

“CBG and CBG are there to help relax the anal sphincter and promote easy penetration — these are two of the key ingredients of pleasurable sex.” —Kiana Reeves, chief content officer, Foria

Indeed, CBD is a common ingredient in both rectal and vaginal suppositories designed to relieve pain or increase pleasure during penetrative sex because it is a vasodilator, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory. As pelvic floor physiotherapist Heather Jeffcoat, DPT, previously told Well+Good, this means that when CBD is delivered into the body’s best-absorbing tissues with a suppository, it can boost blood flow, pain relief and inflammation reduction.

Additionally, the organic jojoba oil in Booty Melts helps “hydrate and soften the skin in and around the anus, allowing for easier, more comfortable insertion,” says Reeves. Plus, it reduces the risk of micro-tears during anal sex, she adds. Just as the skin of your hands is less likely to crack and bleed when hydrated, so is the lining of the anal canal.

How to have painless sex with anal suppositories

Although anal suppositories like Foria’s Booty Melts are formulated to soften the anal sphincter and moisten the surrounding skin for easier penetration, they Are not aims to replace the two core practices of good anal sex: Keeping it polished and moving slowly.

For the first? Unlike the vaginal canal, which can lubricate itself, the anal canal cannot, says Reeves. To achieve the slip and slide ability that makes anal penetration enjoyable, she says, you need to add store-bought anal lubricant — and keep reapplying it throughout play, she says. he said. Otherwise, the friction of dry skin against skin or silicone on the skin can cause microscopic tears in the delicate tissues of the anal canal, increasing the risk of post-play pain, infection, and hemorrhoids.

When it comes to the second rule of good anal sex, it’s equally important to be patient with penetration. Just like you have to train other muscles in your body to get them to do what you want them to do, you also have to train your anal muscles—it takes time.

“The entrance to the anal opening has two sphincters, stacked on top of each other,” says Reeves. While the outer sphincter is under your conscious control and can open and close at will, the inner sphincter must be ‘taught’ or trained to relax through anal dilation, massage, and massage. anus, foreplay, and intentional breathing. “That internal sphincter is controlled by the autonomic nervous system, and in order for it to open up and be fully receptive to penetration, you have to feel safe and relaxed,” Reeves adds.

All of the above is necessary to keep the anus pain-free (aka it should always be). Anal sex suppositories are designed to be used in conjunction with these other practices in your anal kit to smooth anal penetration. than interesting, says Reeves.

My Experience with Foria Booty Melts

While I enjoy helping others with anal sex, receptive anal play is often not present in my sex life alone or with a partner—mainly because I I’m a busy girl and so is my butt. Are not responds well knowing it’s on schedule. But luckily, the day Foria’s Booty Melts shipped was the day I had nothing on my to-do list but myself. (Yes, I schedule masturbation into my Google calendar.)

In my excitement, I opened the package, washed my hands, and immediately stuffed one in. No thicker than a Bic pen, these candies are accessible even to those who have never smelled like a little finger (sorry). And although the melt retains its shape in the temperature-protected packaging, as soon as you take it out and hold it between your fingers, it becomes malleable. (If you still find it difficult to insert, you can apply some lubricant specifically for anal anus, such as Cake Cush Tush).

Although the melt retains its shape in the temperature-protected packaging, as soon as you take it out and hold it between your fingers, it becomes malleable.

According to Reeves, Foria Booty Melts work best if you put them in 15 to 20 minutes before anal play, “to give them time to melt and absorb locally into your body.” While I melt, well, melt, I pull out my favorite hands-free grinding vibrator (for front door entertainment), and when I reach orgasm, I can tell that the hemp from the melt has also seeped in. muscles in my honey, and they are relaxed and relaxed.

I pulled out an anus-safe stainless steel wand, smeared it and my entrance with lubricant, then lifted my foot in a evangelist—and oh, I was delighted. Personally, I find it easiest to have orgasms (including anal orgasms) when lying on my back. However, if you’re new to anal, Reeves recommends experimenting with different positions. “Some common anal positions include lying on your side, doggy style, or using pillows for support,” she says. “Find what feels most comfortable and enjoyable for you.”

As one sex tester who has had the pleasure (really, pleasure!) of using a variety of CBD-containing sexual wellness products, I’m not surprised that Booty Melts turned me into a puddle of joy when all is said. and ejaculate. But I used to be worried that my beggar would feel nauseous for the rest of the day. Thankfully, though, despite the need to clean up a bit, I don’t feel like I’m dripping like an ice cream cone in the sun at the start of my day.

Admittedly, Foria’s Booty Melts are a bit pricey (as a pack of four is $34, each bullet is $8.50), so I can’t afford to use one. all time i have anal. But I will reach for them any time I or one of my partners is sizing up toys and looking for a way to spice things up. And I would recommend these to anyone looking for some extra support when starting to play derriere.

Our editors independently select these products. Purchases through our links can earn Good+Good commissions.


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