Osin Academy season 2 ending explanation

To the surprise of very few people, Oh Academy To be self-healing again in season 3.

In the two seasons of the series so far, the time travel story of the proper superhero siblings has jumped around quite a bit: First season is in 2019, when siblings come together after the death of their father (and to avert the apocalypse). In season 2, they are transported back in time (where they must also prevent the apocalypse).

If that’s your memory limit Oh Academy part 2, give or take some music, we are here to remind you of the important things happened to each character – includes things that might be helpful to keep in mind for certain season 3 plot points.


nuke in the academy oh

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If season 1 was an introduction to the Hargreeves siblings – their trauma and the secrets that keep them from really sticking together – season 2 seems simpler: the 1963 Dallas season!

After stopping Random doomsday caused by Viktor’s power, this pair of brothers used the power of Five to jump through time. As a result, they all left Texas in the 1960s, but at different times. When they got there, in true Umbrella Academy fashion, things got complicated.

Journey of season 2:

A character from Umbrella Academy season 3

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Five almost immediately set out to avert the next apocalyptic scenario, because he arrived in 1963 right in the middle of it – “it” was the nuclear missile in the sky, which Five conjectured was the result of JFK Not was killed.

Slowly, he gathers his siblings for the cause and tries to work with the 1963 version of their father, Reginald and the Handler, who used him to kill the Commission’s board. board in exchange for bringing the Academy back in 2019. Even though Five did succeed. , he and his family missed the sentence boat. Classic Hargreeves.

Allison dances with Ray in their living room

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Allison, which lost her voice at the end of season 1, landed in 1961 rather unprotected – and among the most vulnerable, as a Black woman in 1960s Texas. she eventually healed, and she joined the Civil Rights movement and married an activist named Ray. Once she used her powers to stop the police from beating Ray, she revealed her whole story to him.

Although the two briefly flirted with the idea that he might be with her in 2019, he ended up staying in the past and she wrote him a letter saying she would. always love him. And while it’s certainly a bittersweet note in the end, she’s thrilled to be back in her own time, if only to see her daughter.

The man in the car, looks more or less the same, we're not here for him

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Luther Hargreeves was the third to come true in the past, landing in 1962. By the time Five found him, he’d been through a lot, including mourning his inability to find Allison (who, in case you forgot, he’s in love) and getting turned away by 1960s Reginald. He was even more disappointed when he learned that Allison was married. But you do stood up to his father, when Reginald refused to help with their quest. Not nothing, but the best Oh Academy did for Luther in season 2 was recognized for his main contribution to the team: being dumb muscle.

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Klaus and Ben (whom only Klaus can see a ghost) came for the first time in the past, in 1960. With his beginnings, Klaus started a cult called “Destiny’s Children” on a farm outside the city. He tries to prevent Dave – the man he met, served, loved, and lost when he briefly traveled to Vietnam in season 1 – from enlisting. When he couldn’t stop that, Klaus started drinking and returned to his cult.

But during the season, Ben realized that Klaus could do more than just see the dead; he could also be possessed by them, and possibly more. Ben was also the only brother to get past Viktor as he prepared for a nuclear attack again, ultimately helping to calm him and avert the apocalyptic scenario Five saw. This act cost Ben the afterlife, and his soul was finally carried on.

Diego sitting at the table looks a bit crazy

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Diego landed just a few months before Kennedy’s assassination and was quickly institutionalized. In the refugee camp, he meets Lila, whom he eventually escapes with. She continues around and rescues him after he gets into a scuffle with Reginald, and eventually their relationship turns romantic. Unfortunately, Lila also happens to work for the Commission and is Handler’s adopted daughter, all of which eventually show up to find Lila excommunicated from the group.

In the end, Handler manipulates Lila into thinking that Diego has something to do with her parents’ deaths. (The real attack was staged by Handler because Lila was – surprise! – one of 43 superpower kids, like the rest of the Academy kids. It was done by Old-Five over the years. His committee, but only because he didn’t.’ I don’t know Handler wants her parents dead so she can have Lila to herself.)

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Viktor Hargree arrived in October 1963, still looking dapper in a white suit, and was hit by a car. Although the accident caused Viktor to lose his memory, the driver was a housewife named Sissy who took him in and left him with her family as he recovered. Viktor also works as a nanny for Sissy’s son Harlan, who has a very close relationship with him; At one point Harlan nearly drowned, and Viktor used his powers to rescue him, accidentally imprinting some of his powers on Harlan.

Viktor also finds a deep romantic relationship with Sissy, which eventually gets them both into trouble with her husband, Carl. When they tried to capture Harlan and leave, Carl handed Viktor over to the authorities, who tortured him and began to activate his powers. Although Ben talks to him, Viktor’s bond with Harlan causes the boy to experience suffering and unleash his own powers.

Umbrella Academy season 2 ending

The Handler leads the Commission in an assault against Five, whom she left to take down the Board. Of course, it all comes down to when the Academy summons to Sissy’s ranch to try to save Harlan and prevent him from hurting anyone.

Thanks to Five’s ability to travel through time (within reason), Hargreeves finally came out on top, with Handler being shot dead by an assassin. Although Lila does confront her mother in the original timeline, she never gets the chance for Five to take them back in time; she takes Handler’s briefcase and jumps through time, still quite traumatized by her mother’s betrayal (and the fact that she kidnapped Diego and he doesn’t want to join the Committee with her). Viktor is able to regain some of the power he shared with Harlan, thus keeping him from self-destructive. Sissy decides to stay in the 60s and give Harlan a normal life, thus letting Viktor join his siblings in the future.

Sparrow Academy recruits actors from Umbrella Academy season 3

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Luckily, the siblings managed to get a spare bag to time travel back into the future. But when they arrived at Haus Hargreeves, they found everything looks different – not only is their father alive, but also seven new children in their placeall are aligned under the name “Sparrow Academy”. Then Ben came out and said, “Dad, who are these assholes?”

Oh, and when JFK is killed, Reginald goes to his shadow group and accuses them of participating in the assassination. The group asks him to calm down and keep in mind “his preference on the dark side of the moon,” and then threatens to reveal his true self to the world. Reginald then calmly removes his mask and reveals himself to be an alien, before slaughtering them all.

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