Pokémon Scarlet and Violet players are having a hard time with Tera raids online

As more and more players complete the main storyline of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, many are dipping their toes into their ongoing main-game endgame: Tera Raids. But increasingly, these players expressed their dissatisfaction with the way these raids were severely disrupted.

According to players, the latest Pokémon games suffer from poor matchmaking, lag, lengthy animations, unstable timers, bugs, and poorly equipped players that are actively ruining the experience.

This is how Tera attacks work. The player can find sparkling Tera crystals scattered throughout the world of Paldea, which when interacting with them offers the chance to battle a powerful Terastallized Pokémon. These Pokémon are typically significantly more powerful than regular wild Pokémon, and often have a Tera type (essentially this generation of Pokémon’s fighting gimmick) that is uncommon for their species. For example, Gyarados (usually Flying/Water type) can have Tera Dragon type.

If you’re only playing Pokémon alone, you can assemble a team of three NPC trainers to join you in a 4-on-1 battle against these monsters. If the player wins before the time runs out, they get rewards like rare items and EXP candies, as well as a chance to catch the Pokémon in question.

Fighting NPCs like this works pretty well, but only to an extent. Tera Raids has a difficulty rating that runs from one to seven stars indicating how difficult it is to beat a limited-time Pokémon. The one, two, three and four star attacks are easy enough for your casual player to solo with a group of NPCs. But once you hit five stars, things get complicated.

Pokémon at that level have huge health, powerful moves, shields that must be broken, and the ability to remove statuses from themselves and increase stats from teams of players. But raids of higher difficulty also have better rewards: better item drops, as well as stronger and more sought-after Pokémon to catch.

However, to fight most five-star and above attacks effectively, you need a team of real people playing with optimized monsters. This is where the problems arise.

Tera raids are marked on the Paldean world with icons that indicate the Tera type of the Pokémon inside, as well as modifications to indicate whether the raid is a six-star raid or a raid raid. special event. But besides that, it’s impossible to know what’s inside a given crystal, making it difficult to track five-star attacks with Pokémon you really want to fight.

Because Tera types are so different, it’s easy to spend a significant amount of time galloping around Paldea just to find one-, two-, and three-star crystals with low-level, less exciting monster battles. more, meaning that players trying to plow through late-game content might have a hard time finding fights worth picking.

An alternative to this is to join someone else’s raid using the Poke Gate in the menu, but this system has its own problems. Only eight Tera attacks can appear on the menu at a time, and the set can include any attack from one to six stars, meaning not all (and sometimes no attacks at all). which) is an end-game attack a player might want to perform.

And the high level attacks filled Fast. It’s very hard to get a spot in five or six star raids, and what’s worse the game will stay there “Connecting…” for up to a minute after a raid has been launched select before it tells the player whether or not. they participated. If they do, great, but if they don’t, or if a communication error crashes the process, they’ll be returned to the same menu of eight Tera attacks, just most of the attacks available right now. are all full. So players have to wait to hit the refresh button to see a bunch of new attacks – but that button is only available every few minutes.

In short, a lot of Tera Raid online combat are on the same menu. waiting, hopefully you will eventually see a raid that you want to do and can actually participate in it.

When you actually engage in a Tera attack, the problem manifests. One design change from Sword and Shield’s Dynamax attacks that should be welcomed is that now all players will take their turn at once, so battles are conducted quickly with no need to Watch turn by turn. The downside, however, is that Scarlet and Violet’s major issues with lag and streaming errors, as well as some quirky design decisions, have turned the feature into a nightmare.

Because the clock always counts down, players have a certain window to choose their move before it skips their turn; but if the game is slow, the player may have only one second to choose a move or no time. Menus may freeze on the screen without the ability to select anything, or the game may lag for a period of time without any characters on the screen doing anything.

The HP bar doesn’t always accurately reflect a Pokémon’s health at a given time, meaning it’s difficult to time how long it takes to use the healing ability. Terastallizing your own Pokémon – which the game actively recommends you do at a certain stage in the battle – results in a lengthy animation through which the timer keeps running and the same delay occurs when using moves, items held, or abilities result in a lot of text or animations on the screen.

Basically, the attacks are completely chaotic. Moves happen at seemingly random times, turns are skipped, health bars are everywhere, and it’s often impossible to tell what’s happening at a given moment.

And this is all assuming everyone shows up to the raid with a good Pokémon for it. The five-star raids, while difficult, are easily accessible to any player who has completed the Pokémon story mode plus a bit of late-game extra content. As a result, a lot of players enter these battles with Pokémon that are ill-equipped to deal with such powerful bosses.

The r/Pokemon subreddit has a lot of complaints about players carrying Pokémon that are weak against the monster they’re fighting, or are clearly low level or don’t have the stats or move sets to deal with tough challenges. than. Sure, it’s not exactly the fault of a ten-year-old when they don’t know how EV training works, but when weak Pokémon teams run into all sorts of latency issues, it makes attacking Tera becomes a miserable experience for many.

For a pretty cool (and hilarious) summary of all of this, a now locked Reddit thread called “TERA RAID RAGE THREAD” urges users to share their frustrations with the raid system, and the comments (all caps) effectively extend everything we discussed above. For a calmer view, search r/Pokemon for “Tera raid” at the time this was written, in the first eight resultstopics like “Tera Raid search system is completely broken…“,”Tera Raid Battles Faulty“,”Tera Raid Battles is the unplayable boundary“,”Tera Raid Time and Lag“, and “Has anyone been disappointed with Tera’s raids?“It was a mess.

While currently the highest difficulty attacks available are six star attacks, players are worried about an upcoming event that will push the challenge even further. From December 1-4 and December 15-18, the seven-star Charizard – a Pokémon not found in Scarlet and Violet – will appear in Tera raids. Given the difficulty level of six-star raids, it looks like this Charizard will be hard to beat and will require teams of strong, coordinated four-player working together.

But right now, that level of coordination is nearly impossible for many people due to how messy the online system is. It remains to be seen whether many top level players will be able to get their hands on the coveted dragon when it arrives – especially since Game Freak has yet to issue any statement.Scarlet and Violet status bout released inor whether a patch is being released.

Tera attack functionality was just one of many issues we encountered during our review of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. In that reviewWe said the game’s open-world gameplay was “a great direction for the future of the franchise, but this promising change was undermined by many of the ways Scarlet and Violet felt unfinished.”

Rebekah Valentine is a news reporter for IGN. You can find her on Twitter @duckvalentine.


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