Sex, Lies and Shady Breakup Plans! Ariana Madix TOUCH ‘Sick Liar’ Tom Sandoval’s Raquel Leviss Affair While Calling Her Dad!

Ariana Madix spilling ALL the tea!

Before the first part of Vanderpump’s Rule‘ season 10 reunited on Wednesday, reality star sat down with Alex Cooper ABOVE call dad for her first long conversation about her bitter breakup with Tom Sandoval follow his love affair with Raquel Leviss.

In a conversation that lasted almost two hours, nothing was off limits! From debunking the “breakup conversation” that the bar owner claimed they had to have a “plan” that she thought he was hoping would help him avoid exposing his affair, Ariana stepped in. into everything! Read on for the scoop!

sex life

In the trailer for the podcast episode earlier this week, Ariana revealed Sandoval and Leviss hooked up in her guest bedroom while she was in another. Total AF! Throughout the entire episode, she’s also open about her own sex life with Tom, which he considers to be one of the biggest reasons they broke up. Ariana shared:

“Initially… I was excited when someone really liked me because of my previous relationship, that my sex life was fine, but at the same time I was heavily criticized for my body, my my way – just everything. And so I said, ‘Oh my gosh, this is someone who really likes me,’ and that was exciting.

Over the next nine years, “their sex lives went up and down,” she recalls:

“I definitely think, you know, sometimes I just want that quality time so bad. … I feel like he’s adding more and more things to his plate and I don’t know, I just feel like, ‘Oh, he doesn’t like me.’”

That said, her ex “will complain about how often” when intimate, which often makes her question everything, she said:

“It felt like he wanted to have sex, but I said, ‘But do you want to have sex with me? Is it about me or is it just about the action?


She also insists they are not in a public relationship and thinks the rumors “come from him”.

Valentine’s Day

We already know tomtom The co-owner tried to end the couple’s relationship on Valentine’s Day all day, but Ariana had a very different POV that evening. She claims it started off very romantically!

“He gave me flowers, we went to Schwartz & Sandy’s for dinner and we brought a super special bottle of wine just for us. I got dressed up. … We went for a drink afterwards. Rachel [AKA Raquel] appeared, as did a few of our other friends.”

Of course Raquel will show up on Valentine’s Day! SMH. When they got home, the couple had an “hours-long” conversation in which the 39-year-old revealed he was having a midlife crisis. This is where Ariana expresses how sad she will be if they break up – but she is NOT threatening to harm herself, unlike what her ex has claimed. She explained:

“And I said, ‘If we break up, I’ll probably leave the show. I’ll probably leave Los Angeles, maybe I’ll deactivate my Instagram.’ And he finds that, like, very offensive. … I never said that I would kill myself. I’m saying that my life – this life – is going to end for me because I’m going to do something else. … He knows that’s not what I’m talking about.”

Also, because they had problems and Tom clearly had a “plan” to get out of the relationship, Favorite AF cocktails co-authors don’t think they’d still be together today even if the cheating scandal didn’t come to the fore. She noted:

“Still together? I would say no, to what I know of this plan. The plan was to break up with me without mentioning the affair or cheating, whether it was before reuniting or not or before filming. Winter house or not. And then they will start dating.”

That said, she’s “very happy” to have discovered this way because otherwise she would have been “this cog in the engine of this whole story” that she believes Tom is creating. go out.

Couple therapy

The crazy thing is even though Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras reportedly planning to end the relationship, he’s still working hard to get Ariana to stay. Months after his affair with the 28-year-old, Ariana says Tom suggested they go to couples therapy – and that nearly led to them breaking up (which she thought he wanted but didn’t). can follow):

“There was a session that got really intense and it felt like we were coming to an end. And at the end of the session [the therapist] like, ‘OK, so is this a breakup?’ And he was like, ‘No.’


She then commented on the fiery confrontation they shared on camera during the finale shortly after she learned of the affair, criticizing Tom’s “sad dismissal” saying:

“I knew he was trying to be that person for me to be the angry one; I could see what was happening in front of me, and it was really frustrating. Honestly, when he started yelling at me, I felt a little gratified that he was finally becoming the real me.”


real Tom

When asked if she thinks Tom is a pathological liar, Ariana was frank:

“It’s hard for me to look back on nine years now and if I tell myself he was a pathological liar, that means the last nine years of my life were likely a lie. But he said the stuff in that last episode to Scheana [Shay], such as “We’re not satisfied” and “We bought the house as a band-aid”, and I’m like, “Bands for whom?” Because that’s not where I’m at at all.

She continued:

“There’s a lot of things from his point of view that were said in that episode and otherwise it was like, ‘Oh, okay. Well, that might be how you’re thinking, but it’s nowhere near where I was.’”

Many red flags!

The 37-year-old went on to admit that she turned a blind eye to some red flags throughout the romance’s final stretch, such as “things are coming before my eyes and before the relationship. “. According to her, the singer would choose to go out drinking or hang out with friends instead of staying at home with her.

“I trusted him so much… that I trusted his point of view on things, and I think I got carried away. […] I’m a smart girl and I could have dug deeper, but I didn’t.”

This was true when she was grieving the loss of her dog, Charlotte. She said she “didn’t know he was going to betray me during that time” because she assumed he was “grieved as well”, but now she thinks there’s a high chance he “likely” to be intimate with her partner while she is away! UH.

A lot of work!

Sadly, this cheating scandal is not a one-time thing. Ariana said she has learned of other issues in recent weeks, including a rumor that has haunted her for years. She said:

“There was once, many years ago, when I got a direct message like, ‘Tom connected to my friend in San Diego.’ And I said it over and over again… and he said, ‘No, not at all.’ Now I’m thinking it really is.

The other members are also trying to find out who else Tom has cheated on. during that time VPR in last weekend’s episode, he revealed that there was at least one other person in their inner circle that he had befriended, but he didn’t reveal the name. As for how he got away with cheating for so long, Ariana claimed he would use other people’s credit cards to bring Raquel to see him while traveling, including “bringing Rachel home.” house in St. Louis” and “take her into the hotel. “There’s been a LOT of speculation about Tom having an affair with VPR alum Sister – but Ariana disagrees with this theory:

“The reason I didn’t do that was because — I understand this sounds crazy because Raquel is someone I love and trust — but I believe Billie Lee wouldn’t do it.”

She confirmed that friends also “talk” about rumors offline. Now, she thinks she’s “99.9% sure” that she knows “exactly” who Tom mentioned cheating on the finale, but she’s also protecting their identities . Because of this type of adultery, she stated:

“I did not lose him. He lost me.

In mourning…

Considering this relationship was very important in her life, Ariana and her friends held a funeral after the affair was announced. She reflects:

“All our friends brought wine and we were just watching Drag race. It’s essentially a funeral, isn’t it? Because these are his friends and her friends and they say, ‘We lost these friends because we didn’t have a clear conscience.’”

She claimed that the cover band star had returned from filming with Raquel and scolded the group for being there – claiming it was his home too – and called the gathering a “party.” . He then leaves and returns to his new girlfriend’s house. On how she did it after the breakup, she said that the scandal made it difficult for her to look back on the affair “with any degree of nostalgia”, but she misses their “inner jokes”. and become “a fool”. with her ex. She also thinks he misses her:

“As someone he would turn to for advice on almost anything up to that point, I just thought there was no way he wouldn’t. [miss me]because he’s made a lot of questionable decisions in the last two months.”

Who is Raquel?

Raquel Leviss went on a date with Tom Sandoval in her car while Ariana Madix was grieving over her dog's death!!!
(c) Hooray/YouTube

While Ariana and Raquel used to be friends, now they are very far apart! Madix describes the Cali native as “lost” while noting that she doesn’t really know who Raquel is:

“I realize now that I never knew her, but certainly now I don’t know her and I don’t know anyone who knows her. It’s hard to say, but based on what I’ve seen, [she’s] lost and empty. … I really don’t know what’s going on.”

She also doesn’t think she and Sandoval are compatible:

“I mean, unless he changes everything he said he was looking for someone.”

When asked if she has heard from Raquel since this mess started, Ariana revealed that she received a message, but it was not satisfactory:

“[It] very much like, ‘I just don’t know what to say except I’m sorry.’ And then at the reunion, it’s very sub.


Thankfully, Ariana received a lot of support from her friends and OG co-stars during the reunion taping, which earned her a “vote of confidence”. It was still a very “painful” filming experience, she said:

“I was angry. At times, I was sad. But I honestly think the biggest thing I feel is… I’m so grateful for my friends. Both the friends who were there that day and those who other, and to be honest, I [think] a lot of them feel numb in some way.

Then she joked:

“I was like, ‘I don’t look at both. I will communicate with Andy [Cohen] or Lisa [Vanderpump] … otherwise I’ll tell the sound stage.’”

Oooh, we can’t wait to see it!

More Bombshells?

acclaim teased an unknown reveal in the upcoming three-part reunion, but Ariana isn’t sure what that is. She denied the rumors that Raquel was pregnant (which ET other sources also deny it), tells Alex she is unlikely to be the case but does not explain why. She also thinks it’s possible the affair started “between James [Kennedy] and the Raquel era,” but she doesn’t think that’s crazy if true. Likewise, she doesn’t think that Lisa “knows [about the affair] the whole time” and thinking “no way” SUR a waitress with Scheana’s husband, Brock Davis. As for her decision to return to the show next season, she said “anything that makes me feel unsafe” would be a deal-breaker.


She really laid it all out! What is the most shocking bomb in your opinion? Share it (below)!

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