What does the Capricorn New Moon mean for your zodiac sign?

YYou can breathe a sigh of relief—the stars are aligning to end the year with an encouraging sign! The New Moon in Capricorn is perfect in the sky on December 23 at 2:17 a.m. PT / 5:17 a.m. ET and connects with warm-hearted and enthusiastic Jupiter, a planet of luck, good fortune and expansion. The sun and moon will be joined by Mercury, Venus and Pluto, all of whom are also floating through the zodiac sign Capricorn. With so much primary earth energy in the sky, we are well-equipped to start something new and take practical steps to achieve our desired goals.

The new moon usually represents the beginning of a new chapter. The New Moon in Capricorn invites us to reflect on what we want to be remembered for—what legacy do you want to leave behind and what are you aiming for? Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is known for being hardworking and interested in achievement. This is a powerful time to lay the groundwork for a new career, project or goal that you want to accomplish in the coming year.

We feel confident to pursue our goals in ways that we may have once felt out of reach.

This is the perfect new moon to manifest as the sun, and the moon, both in Capricorn, will merge with Jupiter, a harbinger of good fortune and a testament to our inner beliefs. We feel confident to pursue our goals in ways that we may have once felt out of reach. Harness the earthly nature of Capricorn to stay grounded and rooted in your expectations.

Cosmic spoiler warning: Mercury will be retrograde in Capricorn on December 29th, which can cause some delays and adjustments for any seeds you plant. This revision period is not intended to discourage you, but rather to help you refine your next steps so that you move forward in a more stable and solid way. Patience is key—you’re closer than you think!

Read on to your rising signs, sun, and moon to gain a better understanding of how this new moon will affect your zodiac sign and natal chart.

What the Capricorn New Moon Could Have For Your Zodiac Sign


You feel encouraged to start your career fresh as the new moon activates your 10th house of fame, social life and heritage. With the moon in a favorable angle to Jupiter, you are feeling brimming with confidence and ready to take a leap of faith when it comes to your career path. This honeymoon could match the arrival of a promotion or the start of a new job or project that could earn you some well-deserved recognition!

Practice self-care for your new moon: Publicly share some of your achievements in 2022! Feel the gratitude you have for the distance you have come and allow yourself to receive the recognition and recognition you deserve.


You feel your potential is truly limitless as the new moon moves through your ninth house of intellect, spirituality, perspective, and travel. The exciting news you’ve been waiting for may come and your spirit feels more carefree. This honeymoon vacation could coincide with meeting a new mentor, researching a new topic of interest to you, embarking on a new spiritual practice, or planning some travel.

Practice self-care for your new moon: Do some breathing exercises to clear your mind, hold a pen on a piece of paper and pretend your hand is attracted to the other side of the paper by a magnet. Let your hand guide you and start writing before you think of anything. You are sure to come across some unexpected insights.


Others are paying attention to you, Gemini, as the new moon enters your eighth house of investments, vulnerability, and your psyche. As the new moon connects gently with supportive Jupiter, you can get some meaningful support, whether it’s emotional or financial. You can connect with powerful people who can help make one of your dreams come true.

Practice self-care for your new moon: Make a list of parts of your past that you are willing to release. Burn it and discharge the rest. You are ready to start a new chapter and send more compassion and grace to the present and past versions of yourself.


The New Moon activates the seventh house of personal relationships and contracts. This marks a new beginning around a partnership: paired Cancers can rekindle their spark while single Crabs can meet someone with lasting potential. In terms of work, you may create some new relationships or complete a contract that may lead to greater expansion and luck in your career and professional life.

Practice self-care for your new moon: Co-operate! If you’re working on a project, reach out to others in your department for advice. If you’re hoping to partner with a particular company or client, shoot and email! Jupiter’s fortunes are on your side.


The New Moon lands in your sixth house of hard work, routine, health, and routine. This is the right time to refresh your routine. Start small, with one change at a time. You can also start a new project that requires you to work harder and dedicate more. If that’s the case, you may need to break out of your usual routine and accept a little more spontaneity when re-imagining your work-life balance.

Practice self-care for your new moon: It’s time to get back into your body. Daily grounding practice will help you feel more prepared for your busy schedule and remind you that you were born to embody and enjoy the pleasures of the Earth.


The New Moon enters the fifth house of joy, pleasure, creativity and romance, asking you to pay attention to these areas of your life. This could mark the start of a new romantic and exciting journey—reconnecting with your sexuality or reawakening a dormant dating life. The more you pursue your pleasure and invest time in activities that truly mean something to you, the more rewards will continue to come your way.

Practice self-care for your new moon: Take yourself out on your dream date. Be proactive now—it sends spillover effects into the Universe as you immerse yourself in the present moment and experience the joy in your own way and timeline.


Home, family and past are all top priorities as the new moon lights up the fourth house of your ancestors, roots, and habitat. This period could coincide with a decision to move house, find a new roommate, or even move in with your partner. The sweet influence of Jupiter can mark the meeting of a new lover and your family, or a deeper bond.

Practice self-care for your new moon: Spend time with your chosen loved ones and family. Not only do you crave connection, but you also crave depth and intimacy from others who accept and understand you all.


This is a cosmic download, Scorpio, as the new moon moves through your third house of communication, information, learning and new skills. You may be about to learn something new, sign up for a new course or program, or simply finally get the news you’ve been waiting for. This can also mark a change in your perspective. Self-expression is favored under this cycle – don’t be afraid to speak from your heart.

Practice self-care for your new moon: Write down a list of your limiting beliefs and all the evil things you tell yourself in your head. Cross out each limiting belief, then rewrite the negative self-talk in a positive light. Repeat these new affirmations when you go to bed and before you wake up in the morning.


Have finances in mind, Sagittarius? The New Moon activates the second house of income, resources and wealth. You may be ready to splurge and indulge in an expensive piece you’ve wanted to treat yourself to for a while, or commit to a new financial goal. This area of ​​your chart is also related to work and career—perhaps you’re starting a new position at work or about to receive good news about a raise or bonus!

Practice self-care for your new moon: A little indulgence goes a long way. If possible, treat yourself to something—a new sweater, a massage, or a book.


This New Moon is in your sign and activates your first house of identity, sense of self, and personal ambitions. This is your personal Tet—you don’t have to wait until January 1 to make a decision. Who would you like to move forward and what parts of yourself are you willing to leave behind? This is a physical, mental, and emotional reset that prepares you to enter the symbol you know you are. Reinvent yourself as you wish!

Practice self-care for your new moon: Mirror magic is on the menu! Who do you want to be? Pretend that your reflection on the other side of the mirror is your future self. Speak positive affirmations in the present tense as you look deeply into the other person’s eyes.


This new moon asks you to think about your relationship with the boundaries around your time and schedule. Saying no and respecting what your body is asking of you is a powerful mantra. Your schedule and routine may need a little tweaking, so tweak accordingly to prioritize your health. This can also mark a wave of divine inspiration, as your intuition is very active and sends you signs from the Universe with support and wisdom.

Practice self-care for your new moon: Cancel some social plans. ‘This is the season for you to focus on resting and recharging. Your season is almost here and you’ll need all the energy and more!


As the new moon moves through the 11th house of friendships, associations, groups, and your hopes and dreams, you can side-by-side with new acquaintances who could potentially become lifelong friends. You may be about to receive a gift from a friend or meet someone who can help you make the connections that are important to achieving your goals. Notice which friendships energize you and which ones leave you feeling drained.

Practice self-care for your new moon: Create an elevator pitch! You never know who you will meet and who they might know. When you’re ready to pitch, you’ll always be ready to come up with some brief and compelling highlights that can speed up one of your manifests!


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