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    Ricky Martin Opens Up About His ‘Crazy’ Foot Fetish!

    He’s Livin’ La Vida Toe-Ca! Ricky Martin was the subject of a new GQ profile that…
    11 mins ago

    Until Dawn, Little Nightmares III Developer Supermassive Games Is Laying Off 90 Employees

    Supermassive Games, the developer behind Until Dawn, The Quarry, and the upcoming Little Nightmares III,…
    21 mins ago

    Inside death trap tiny home built by dim-witted treasure hunter Steven Irwin who stole digger to mine GOLD…in city park

    A HOMELESS man has built a tiny home branded a “ticking time bomb” after stealing…
    31 mins ago

    Standhardinger, June Mar Fajardo top picks in PBA All-Star Draft

    San Miguel’s June Mar Fajardo and Ginebra’s Christian Standhardinger fight for the ball during the…


      1 hour ago

      What Is Badminton and Why Is It Getting So Popular?

      Let’s step back for a moment in time: You’re in your fourth grade gym class when your PE instructor passes…
      3 hours ago

      Tips to Strengthen Your Bones

      There’s no denying that as we get older, the way our bodies move and feel changes. We may feel more…
      17 hours ago

      Your Weekly Horoscope for February 25 to March 2, 2024

      Your weekly horoscope for February 25 to March 2, 2024, is a mixed bag: It starts out on a dramatic…
      19 hours ago

      6 Mobility Exercises for Posture

      Your posture says a lot about you: A slouch tells the world you’re tired, tense, and maybe timid. But with…
      21 hours ago

      A Seated Cardio Workout for Every Body

      The benefits of adding cardio exercise into your daily routine? Well, the list is seemingly endless. Cardiovascular exercise improves your…
      23 hours ago

      Dieting and Eating Disorders—What’s the Connection?| Well+Good

      Raise your hand if you’ve ever dieted or tried losing weight. Okay, I know we can’t see each other, but…


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